I began watching My Life is Murder, an Australian / New Zealand show on Acorn, because I like a good mystery. While the plots are great, over time, I found I was looking forward to watching because of the amazing wardrobe worn by Ebony Vagulans’ character Madison Feliciano.

My Life is Murder

The show centers around Alexa Crowe (played by Lucy Lawless), a widowed, retired police officer turned police consultant. Basically, she’s a private eye, but does work only for the police. Why would the police need a private detective? Because she can collect information informally, in ways they can’t.

Madison Feliciano (played by Ebony Vagulans) is a computer whiz, and Alexa’s assistant. While Alexa directs their routes of inquiry, she could not do her job without Madison’s mad skills. As the show progresses, Madison starts going out into the field doing detective work herself, in addition to her hacker wizardry.

Besides being a good mystery with wonderful characters, the show is also humorous. This not some hard boiled, gritty detective story. Alexa is quirky and the banter between Alexa and Madison is often funny. So if you like mysteries and humor, this is reason enough to watch the show. But for me, there is an additional reason: the fashion.

The Fashion of My Life Is Murder

From the first episode, I was entranced by Madison Feliciano’s bright, Boho style.

The Fashion of My Life is Murder 1
The Fashion of My Life is Murder 2
The Fashion of My Life is Murder 3
The Fashion of My Life is Murder 4

These still photos don’t really do justice to the wardrobe.

Alexa’s style is not without flair, for example her trademark trench coats, but it is Madison’s wardrobe that steals the show – at least for the first two years (2019, 2021). Michael Chisholm was the costume designer in 2019. Sara Beale took over as costume designer in 2021. She stayed true to style for each character, dressing them as they had been from the beginning.

In 2022, they switched from a costume designer to a costume coordinator (I confess to being a bit murky on the difference), Anna Voon. While Madison Feliciano mostly continues with her signature style (there were some small tweaks), Alexa Crowe gets a wardrobe update. The character is wearing bright color block outfits with an occasional print mixed in. Unfortunately, I could find only two photos showing this.

And now I find fashion inspiration in both of these characters.

Style Inspiration From TV & Movies

My Life is Murder is only one of several shows that provide me with fashion inspiration. I’ll be sharing others in the future. Are there any shows or movies where you find fashion inspiration?

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